Dart is primarily a game of skill, where a player requires a great deal of precision and accuracy. It is a fairly new sport that was probably invented between 1860 and 1898. The first dart competitions were held in England, at the beginning of the 20th century.


bojan989 12.07.2019 10:54
very good to play

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The color is good. I love it.

waltaran67 01.04.2019 09:18
Я тоже играл

svs20959 30.03.2019 19:11
good game, super

fcoesc 30.01.2019 03:46
very fun to play!

ColdGuava 23.12.2018 09:40
XD yes it is

pavlina_pavlova 18.11.2018 09:33
I like the game ,it is popular recently

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good game

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