Chess was invented in northern India, around 600 AD. From here, it was brought to Europe through the Islamic expansion, where it became very well known from the 13th century on. Today, chess is the most popular board game. An interesting development in recent decades is the influence of chess programs. A significant number of professionals assume, that chess will lose long-term appeal because computer programs of the future are expected to always be superior to humans.


supervip 09.06.2022 18:18

anthony08 20.02.2022 19:32
Uno de los juegos mentales mas ineterensantes

Katahs 22.01.2022 20:24
Genial. Gracias es hora de aprender

WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:00
it also is a way to know high iqs

shjxavier 07.12.2021 20:57
chess game .....

valentin_souza 26.11.2021 19:41
Meu tipo de jogo predileto

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This is really good

Mihirr 18.10.2021 00:30
Brain challenge

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mind game super

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só sei as regras ganhar que é bom nunca