Chess was invented in northern India, around 600 AD. From here, it was brought to Europe through the Islamic expansion, where it became very well known from the 13th century on. Today, chess is the most popular board game. An interesting development in recent decades is the influence of chess programs. A significant number of professionals assume, that chess will lose long-term appeal because computer programs of the future are expected to always be superior to humans.


ahm_mess 11.10.2022 14:06
interesting games

lusi933250 03.09.2022 14:07
Хорошая игра

rizhobbledehoy 24.08.2022 08:11
My favorite game. Would love to play

amirossen11 19.08.2022 08:55
مطلب جالب

Mohamadhabibi 19.07.2022 14:37
Wow my favotite

victor_ward 13.07.2022 05:10
To complex of a game

thimoty_vandernoot 06.07.2022 22:27
for me its such a complivated game , the only thing i remember move in an L shape pattern

Taalay 05.07.2022 04:59
Очень полезная информация

Arezou_brv 02.07.2022 19:53
Very nice……………………..

Arezou_brv 02.07.2022 19:52
it’s funny, very interesting