Chess was invented in northern India, around 600 AD. From here, it was brought to Europe through the Islamic expansion, where it became very well known from the 13th century on. Today, chess is the most popular board game. An interesting development in recent decades is the influence of chess programs. A significant number of professionals assume, that chess will lose long-term appeal because computer programs of the future are expected to always be superior to humans.


deerlittlerose 21.02.2020 11:27
questo gioco stimola l'intelligenza, l'attenzione e la creatività.

Malik8639 21.02.2020 00:23
one of the most interesting game

xakerbox 17.02.2020 12:04
one of the most interesting games ever

deerlittlerose 15.02.2020 09:37
very cleaver game

cyrilnewtin 14.02.2020 04:06
Got it like I never lost it

cyrilnewtin 14.02.2020 01:35
Still get it like I never lost it

nerdsbelike 01.01.2020 19:00
i like this nice game

Denisssq 15.08.2019 13:28
Одна из моих любимых игр.

Hoseob 24.07.2019 01:39
It is very hard for me still hahaha

bojan989 12.07.2019 11:30
actually chess is a nice game