Blackjack is regarded as the most widely played card game in casinos. The game is based on the French version "vingt et un" (twenty one). The goal is to beat the dealer by approaching the number 21 as close as possible, without exceeding it. At the beginning of the sixties, the American mathematician Edward Thorp published a legal game system (card counting), which gives the player an advantage over the Casino. Despite widespread countermeasures, it is still a legitimate way of obtaining an advantage.


eslamsam 12.01.2023 11:44
Very interesting

Jaione 02.01.2023 01:45
Nunca juego con dinero a estos juegos, si no por diversión!

Ermi7 30.08.2022 11:39
i like jacke games, and wana play

victor_ward 13.07.2022 05:14
I like the game, but not very good at it

adnanireza 01.05.2022 20:17
awesome blackjack is perfect

Jetron26 24.01.2022 14:08
Me encanta este juego muy buena publicacion

mory150 05.01.2022 06:38
I love this game but I not play with money

Safwatjnr 03.01.2022 15:27
I love it , thank you

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Ok saya mau ...? Bisa order

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