Age of Empires


Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game published in 1997 by Microsoft. The player finds himself in ancient times, where he can take control of different peoples and must assert himself against other players (the computer). With several million copies sold to date, Age of Empires is considered a very successful computer game. One of the most important aspects of its success is the campaign editor, which allows the player to create distinct maps.


sibyzk 15.05.2020 04:13
love this of the best

arthurberini 09.05.2020 00:37
ainda tenho ele instalado no pc kkkkkkk

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I love to visit there

dearly_armentano 02.05.2020 04:31
What a beautiful here i wish to visit this place.

vokytoky 23.04.2020 09:59
wonderful game that i ever played in my life.

OliverTwo 14.04.2020 01:27
Really enjoyed...

Ljeljka 27.02.2020 19:02
Неплохая игрушка...

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i love this game

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i like to play this game

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 08.02.2020 04:56
the perfect game to practice ..... i am in love with Age of Empires....!