Age of Empires


Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game published in 1997 by Microsoft. The player finds himself in ancient times, where he can take control of different peoples and must assert himself against other players (the computer). With several million copies sold to date, Age of Empires is considered a very successful computer game. One of the most important aspects of its success is the campaign editor, which allows the player to create distinct maps.


Alex19762004 21.08.2019 21:19
отличная игра!

mbilal 14.12.2018 11:35
agr of emp meilleur jeu pour moi

v3ankata 13.09.2018 22:44
i not like border game

umar_butt 17.07.2018 00:00
Excellent game

AnnyNCC 20.06.2018 19:55
hablo español jeje

weberbm2005 18.05.2018 22:11
excelent game!!! strategy

Vitalij70 10.05.2018 10:48

polly_molly 01.02.2018 19:15
Proud play it

ThomasStevers 15.01.2018 09:17
best game

Sabi 30.10.2017 11:55
my favorite