Some days, the best thing about my job is that the chair spins.


Khellious 22.04.2023 18:21
Fun very fun thing about it

mortuapuella 19.09.2022 20:59
khkhkhkh. that was really fun

kentweasley 12.03.2022 09:17
my chair doesn't spin. too bad

RAIKO 13.10.2021 18:49
killer quotes i like it

donminbox 11.10.2021 20:50
My office chair spins too! However, my chair is in my home office where it is nice and quife.

ebsc21elisa14 24.05.2021 10:14
muito engraçado ah ah

gaba2000 20.05.2021 20:03
yes it's realy true

Vado111 10.05.2021 22:24
Ahh yeah for real

afsaneh_zkh 21.03.2021 19:58
yes i agree too

shuksrp 27.02.2021 16:22
Not every one does