Take control

The world today is really not easy for men. On the one hand they have to prove their power but on the other hand they have to show emotions so that woman feel loved by them. So how to find the ideal balance between a macho and a softie? There is no standard solution to this request. But as a man, the best thing is to take control and watch the reactions of your flirt partner to better assess her preferred type of man.


Bird2030 06.07.2022 09:42
nice i love this

elity_neves 04.05.2022 13:27
Das ist gut ich lieber das

adnanireza 01.05.2022 21:26
Das ist gut dance

AhmedMansour 13.09.2021 11:08
It is very good

Hasandincer 04.04.2021 21:29
Güzel bir bilgiydi teşekkürler

Cadamdan 27.01.2021 12:48
Certainly, the more men move away from what was created for him and become like an animal, the woman does not care about him except to satisfy his lustful desire, the supreme goal of his existence in this universe will be lost, that a woman is something inside her that is only filled with love, loyalty and sacrifice

elity_neves 27.01.2021 06:54
Das ist gut dance

Cadamdan 22.01.2021 18:52
Power is in the word because from the statement to magic, and love is familiar and compatible with softness

wisnu_setiadi 21.10.2020 07:16
ok very very wonderful

elity_neves 04.10.2020 17:16
sempre mulher fortr