Original way of initiating a conversation

Every woman who is aware of her market value will turn away if you try to win her over with a standard saying. If you really want that woman you have to initiate the conversation in an original way. Be creative! A lot of woman like humor and enjoy decent compliments that are meant seriously. In case your sweetheart has really knocked your socks off, it shouldn't be a big deal to make a positive remark!


Mimoo 04.01.2022 04:13
be good to get good

SEBba 09.12.2021 21:13

Sakis123 14.11.2021 22:21
I love brunette

Moseh026 14.05.2021 07:26
Creativity matter alot

akambagro 25.01.2021 02:38
Positive feedback is not a special issue✌️

anne_faria 30.09.2020 20:32
Negras são lindas

anne_faria 30.09.2020 20:30
Seja sempre positiva em quaisquer situação

akhanne 07.09.2020 19:18
woman woman black

Melanie96 05.09.2020 00:43
dont be cheesy!

JOHNKEST 27.08.2020 04:25
be positive always