Consider rejection as a valuable experience

It may well be that you have become discouraged by rejections in your past. Therefore, you swore to never make the first approach when it came to flirting. We have to admit, that is indeed not a nice experience. But still: Consider rejection as an exercise and don't shut yourself off from new opportunities! Sometimes you miss a chance because a better one lies ahead of you.


taoufi170 14.07.2022 09:29
تستحق المشاهدة بالتوفيق

vladimir_sergeev 31.12.2021 03:55
Это точно

rahulsonar 14.12.2021 06:07
It is really motivational!

levoeg 29.08.2021 21:18
nunca desanimado

Eslam22ewida 24.08.2021 21:16
Im still learning from it

Pkariuki 30.03.2021 15:42
The line of my work allows rejection, to me its an opportunity for the next person to say yes

afsaneh_zkh 21.03.2021 21:20
sometimes get complicated

gdcn 02.03.2021 08:25
Rejection can frustrate a person, especially if he is rejected in his field of specialization

mamoundi 26.10.2020 06:51
a very nice pcture

JOHNKEST 27.08.2020 04:02
u should have the guts to reject the bad things