Remaining independent

It is understandable, that you would preferably spend every free minute with your new partner. When the butterflies in the stomach begin dancing, one looses often control of the own actions. Yes, we probably unwillingly tend to neglect friends and hobbies. Even if it is hard: Remain independent and avoid being always available for your partner. It is crucial that you can also enjoy life to the full without your companion!


pnuemanasser 08.01.2021 17:03
well written really amazing

BabakF14 06.01.2021 10:20
is beautiful dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!

jancee0114 21.12.2020 14:08
Independent. Woah awesome

babycal3b 28.10.2020 06:33
Remaining independent

mamoundi 25.09.2020 17:07
good night today

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Needed to hear this today

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is beautiful dreamy

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Yeah ... , aggressive

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To some extent yes

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Thats its...... PERFECT!