Fighting instead of giving up

Do you escape during a discussion or are you that kind of person who throws the towel too quickly? Disputes or disagreements are not necessarily a bad sign. Quite the contrary – arguments are part of relationships! People are diverse and can have a different opinion. Otherwise the partnership would lack of excitement. However, it is important to show mutual respect and to discuss things objectively. Also, one should be open for reconsidering the own opinion if necessary.


WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:18
talking together will solve lots of problems

Sakis123 14.11.2021 22:22
I love discussions

ivani_matos 12.08.2021 02:24
I prefer to go out, avoid finishing

Sisca 11.06.2021 04:16
Strong and steady

korkor 29.05.2021 00:39
this is it - lets agree to disagree!

dandesign7 23.02.2021 04:27
beautiful images.

reinelku 02.02.2021 13:53
Losing is not an option

Mohammadnazari 22.01.2021 09:24
Wow they are so strongth i think

Cadamdan 16.01.2021 19:11
There are types of disagreements, some of which are worth ignoring, and some deserve a response with what is better, and the last medicine is cauterizing

pnuemanasser 08.01.2021 17:02
you have to stand your ground