Fighting instead of giving up

Do you escape during a discussion or are you that kind of person who throws the towel too quickly? Disputes or disagreements are not necessarily a bad sign. Quite the contrary – arguments are part of relationships! People are diverse and can have a different opinion. Otherwise the partnership would lack of excitement. However, it is important to show mutual respect and to discuss things objectively. Also, one should be open for reconsidering the own opinion if necessary.


DIMITRIOSKLONOS 18.01.2020 18:00
That's the big problem....i don't want to lose...!

SvetlanaL 27.10.2018 11:37
Liebe ist schön

javier_gaytan 16.08.2018 04:17
Yeah i would do the same <3

azhary 24.04.2018 09:30
So lovely

alejandrogyn 26.01.2018 16:38
So lovely

Georgiu 04.11.2017 22:00
Milk !!

KysJason 21.03.2017 14:54
Yeah i would do the same <3

mohamed_nabil752 29.01.2017 20:25