Music Education for Young Children

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Music education for young children offers kids the opportunity to experience a creative encounter with musical instruments, sounds and movements, which enables them to discover and to promote their individual talents. The concept targets children between 4 and 6 years of age and courses are offered by private as well as public schools.


Gbemi 28.05.2020 09:14
Wish all my children can play instruments

sssuraparaj 23.05.2020 12:24
wish this will come to all the countries.

Emilly28 18.05.2020 03:13
Great|! I love it.

Jacksonocen 04.05.2020 20:07

Promote art culture in children

dearly_armentano 02.05.2020 04:11
Wish to my Child know to play music

cuddles 21.04.2020 06:07
This is great and good for childrens learning..well done..!!

Cad1001 08.03.2020 03:46
Great idea! More music, more arts!

albert922 21.02.2020 03:57
Music is a universal language , children of young age should be e😜osed on this

albert922 20.02.2020 03:16
Music relieves stress

silvija 17.02.2020 21:50
Ljublju slushat gitaru 😄