Birth Rate

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Since the early sixties, when 1.3 million babies were born in Germany, the countries birth rate tends to decline. In 2014, only 715,000 children were born. Compared to other nations, Germany has one of the the lowest birthrates. This can partially be explained through the fact that there are currently very few women in childbearing age.


jonathansarria 18.11.2021 10:19
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pouladiebesucher 27.10.2021 11:47
sweet family is the key

merymcp 01.10.2021 20:27
we should have more babies

ivani_matos 11.08.2021 22:42
The trend is to decrease with the global consequences

Fer_77_Raw 19.07.2021 00:15
such a pity western women have lost their femininity

spainishuge1 02.06.2021 16:23
no more german women to make babies suck

korkor 29.05.2021 01:04
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add0 23.05.2021 19:34
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tshepothreezerosix 06.04.2021 10:58
the is nothing more interesting than new born baby, I mean all the excitement, joy and love it's an ešŸ˜œerience of a lifetime although the is going to be some restless sleep nights as baby trying to fit in the family's atmosphere.

kadi41 05.04.2021 19:14
Wow that's great