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Since the early sixties, when 1.3 million babies were born in Germany, the countries birth rate tends to decline. In 2014, only 715,000 children were born. Compared to other nations, Germany has one of the the lowest birthrates. This can partially be explained through the fact that there are currently very few women in childbearing age.


Raphy 07.06.2020 00:22
Young girls need to be told more about the importance of being a mother and the right time. Of course women have to work hard for their future and pursue their dreams and career but they should not forget that without them there would be no life on this planet. Therefore we need them to be mothers too, we need them to be mothers before doctors , engineers, nurses and etc.

ken_mangalore 29.05.2020 22:49
Germany planned ahead and is successful.

Gbemi 28.05.2020 09:47
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shakeelnouman 01.05.2020 09:23
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