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Since the early sixties, when 1.3 million babies were born in Germany, the countries birth rate tends to decline. In 2014, only 715,000 children were born. Compared to other nations, Germany has one of the the lowest birthrates. This can partially be explained through the fact that there are currently very few women in childbearing age.


virginie_malengreaux 21.09.2023 10:26
Purtroppo sempre meno donne fanno bambini. Lo stato dovrebbe aiutare di piu

JayMiaH 30.07.2023 11:29
so much like Japan, i think the government should find ways to incentivize chid bearing among couples

Sudesh123 28.02.2023 07:20
nice story for kids..

Yony08 21.01.2023 05:44
Iluminan nuestra vida

Yony08 21.01.2023 05:44
Los hijos son una bendición

Zanpa 18.01.2023 01:29
we need more babies

ngebak12 31.10.2022 04:04
more babies = better future

angis72 09.08.2022 09:59
Labai grazi mamos ir vaiko nuotrauka

Bird2030 06.07.2022 09:41
nice i love this

Rub234 19.06.2022 12:03
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