Anti-Authoritarian Education

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The anti-authoritarian education is a concept that has been developed in the late sixties and which stresses that a child's autonomy of development is paramount. Background: the former generation of parents grew up under very conservative conditions and wanted to offer their children an upbringing which would allow them to develop without constraints. Today, the anti-authoritarian education style is criticized, because children have to learn that there are also rules and limits in life. Despite this criticism, there is a general consensus that the anti-authoritarian education has paved the way to a democratic pedagogy, which respects the needs and wishes of children.


salinahid 13.08.2022 22:08
we should do that to have very educated children

jannaw 25.03.2022 08:54
Autoritarismus ist eine Krankheit, die wir bekämpfen müssen, um sie auszurotten

Rakotoson 23.02.2022 19:23
Educate our kids is so important.

merymcp 01.10.2021 20:31
we should be attention through our kids

merymcp 01.10.2021 20:30
interesting we shouls knw that

spainishuge1 02.06.2021 16:24
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spainishuge1 02.06.2021 16:24
teah thats very important to achive

Babs8077 24.04.2021 19:33
L'éducation représente la vie

kadi41 05.04.2021 19:18
Educate the girls.

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DoctorKevin 21.03.2021 19:49
Power to the children