Bitcoins are an anonymous payment system which is not subject to a central administration (central bank). Thus, its value can not be altered or manipulated by banks. The price for a Bitcoin is solely determined by supply and demand. As a result, the corresponding value in US dollars has temporarily increased by a hundred-fold since its launch in 2009. Bitcoins are encrypted, which is why they can be traded anonymously. This has provoked the lasting effect that they have become a popular method of payment on black markets all around the world. It therefore remains to be seen if Bitcoins can become a serious alternative to an official currency.


karukati09 09.09.2019 20:09
Väga hea.Super!

cidmaduro6 16.08.2019 05:57
Excelente cripto moneda

maurodecampos 28.07.2019 15:14
bitcoin é rei ainda... é quem puxa ou derruba outras moedas...

harriemarkt 14.06.2019 12:12
very nice investment!

Ardino7 19.05.2019 01:12
Nice investment

lgrego 08.03.2019 18:03
ah gw dah dapat banyak bitcoin.

sergey_chesnakov 26.01.2019 09:23
биткоин рулит

pavlina_pavlova 17.11.2018 23:59
Yes this sistem working quite well

AnnyNCC 20.06.2018 20:47
bitcoin porqueee! no bajes de valor, si hablo español

mungunsaran 03.06.2018 14:15