Bitcoins are an anonymous payment system which is not subject to a central administration (central bank). Thus, its value can not be altered or manipulated by banks. The price for a Bitcoin is solely determined by supply and demand. As a result, the corresponding value in US dollars has temporarily increased by a hundred-fold since its launch in 2009. Bitcoins are encrypted, which is why they can be traded anonymously. This has provoked the lasting effect that they have become a popular method of payment on black markets all around the world. It therefore remains to be seen if Bitcoins can become a serious alternative to an official currency.


WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:21
i hear alot about it

vladimir2303200 18.12.2021 01:39
Ооо я не выдел такого

vladimir2303200 18.12.2021 01:04
Будем рады видеть их всегда

srvt 05.12.2021 15:51
Still early to speculate

glennyF 29.11.2021 16:56
Still early to speculate

seone 22.11.2021 17:43
Why no showing the points at the sufbar?

Ola98 17.11.2021 18:09
Скоро станет официальной валютой

Farzadtaheriiii 01.11.2021 19:55
This is the good coin

Convoy 23.10.2021 22:01

vuchay1st 14.10.2021 11:30
i like it, go to the moon