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Gimp stands for "General Image Manipulation Program" and has for years been a classic among image editing programs. It offers a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop or similar closed-source software. Gimp is an integral part of many Linux distributions, and has proven itself through its advanced functionality. In addition to Linux, it is available for both Mac OS and Windows.


KraebsE9 22.09.2022 11:52
more details to learn

Ermi7 28.08.2022 08:13
i will try this thank you for telling me.

Cibre 12.03.2022 14:25
Utile e con tante funzioni

vgc777 08.03.2022 11:28
Yeah i knew that already

sarabl63316160 01.03.2022 23:19
Great information

Rakotoson 23.02.2022 19:15
good to know as well

GR1989 16.02.2022 19:38
Quanto tempo passato...

caglanca 25.01.2022 20:52
I will try the program as soon as possible, thanks

WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:10
never heard about it

powuming2022 09.01.2022 17:51