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Gimp stands for "General Image Manipulation Program" and has for years been a classic among image editing programs. It offers a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop or similar closed-source software. Gimp is an integral part of many Linux distributions, and has proven itself through its advanced functionality. In addition to Linux, it is available for both Mac OS and Windows.


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oltea 18.02.2019 14:27
Very Good, free of charge

Sonnyb1900 08.12.2018 13:45
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shaneerdy 28.11.2018 22:04
i never heard of this, need to check it out

samsonyuri 07.10.2018 20:46
Wow, these guys are really pushing it in the technology arena.

rygaberg 05.09.2018 17:03
Takes some time to get used to, but excellent.

lumicris 11.06.2018 22:29
i never heard of this, interesting!

OnionMaster03 03.06.2018 09:41
photoshop is better than this

avgust_kashbaev 26.12.2017 19:49
good app