Captain Kirks Kidney Stone

William Shattner, better known as Captain Kirk from the "Star Trek" -series has auctioned his kidney stone for charity. The offer initially threatened to fail, as selling human body parts is not in compliance with eBay's terms and conditions. However, an exception was made and Shatner was able to raise 25,000 US dollars.


Tohidrz 04.03.2023 00:16
Really interesting

Ulice03 17.01.2023 18:48
TenĂ­a que donarlo y ya

Anyheel777 06.01.2023 02:15
El contenido es muy interesante y entendible

keepclear 24.09.2022 19:02
i cant understand too

fharazi 25.07.2022 16:23
it is very good

Wayneotc 28.04.2022 22:06
crazy things we do for money

ramymezo91 27.02.2022 09:40
That sounds crazy but brave!

femassa1 11.10.2021 06:50
Uau mas que guaaap

thanhphongkm10 26.09.2021 02:31
vouuu doar o meu rim tbm olha o valor do dele

MichaelRAR 16.06.2021 04:49
Interesse o artigo