Captain Kirks Kidney Stone

William Shattner, better known as Captain Kirk from the "Star Trek" -series has auctioned his kidney stone for charity. The offer initially threatened to fail, as selling human body parts is not in compliance with eBay's terms and conditions. However, an exception was made and Shatner was able to raise 25,000 US dollars.


Jacksonocen 04.05.2020 20:21
I would it is worth

Cad1001 07.03.2020 15:38
Saudades! Episódios sempre aguardados.

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 18.01.2020 17:55
That and nothing else ....! But Captain Kirk did it, he strikes again! Captain Kirk is a winner always!

AlexKVD 18.10.2019 17:19
best of the best

rompecrisis 21.06.2019 14:43
interesante tema

nomade_vagabondo 15.03.2019 16:41
i love this actor

AntoninaREI 02.03.2019 17:26
Veramente bello!!!

Diegobol68 17.06.2018 07:14
Nice one

padliborec 26.03.2018 20:00
he was best

aleksey_pehov 27.12.2017 14:23