Zermatt is a political municipality in Switzerland. It is located at an altitude of about 1,610 meters and situated to the northeast of the Matterhorn (with 4,478 meters one of the hightest mountains of the Alps). Zermatt is an attractive holiday resort of Switzerland due to its impressive skiing and hiking areas. It borders on Italy but belongs to the German linguistic area. Zermatt is not only one of the most important stations for winter sportsmen but also a popular destination for mountain climbing.

Findeln, above Zermatt


DIMITRIOSKLONOS 08.02.2020 08:24
it's very very well i'm not saying ..... but very cold ......!

svidjdcck8 13.01.2020 12:08
приятная обстановка для жизни))))

chairwoman 27.12.2019 00:54
Looks very nice

dernier_samaritain 14.12.2019 12:54
c`est un reve de visiter la suisse

skravchuk 24.10.2019 20:37
Очень красиво

Mairo 28.02.2019 09:49
Wow..the place i want to live for

Mairo 28.02.2019 09:49
Wow..the place i want to live for

Marymos 21.02.2019 15:52
My dream place! Want to go there !!!!!!

Mairo 24.10.2018 08:17
Nice place may someday i want to live that place so quite smooth glass and the mountain so pretty

svetlana_zubko 24.07.2018 20:04
it"s gorgeous