Victoria Falls

Zambia is a landlocked country in the south of Africa and independent from the United Kingdom since 24 the October 1964. A large part of Zambia consists of plateaus between 1,000 and 1,400 meters of altitude and is surrounded by valleys and sinks. This is also one of the reasons why there is a considerable amount of waterfalls. The most famous one are the Victoria Falls which are situated between the border cities Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingstone in Zambia. The Victoria Falls has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1989. Besides the wonderful waterfalls there a numerous lakes, swamps, rivers as well as more than 15 national parks.

Grain silo: the agriculture represents the main occupation sector in Zambia


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Very beautiful and strategically located

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as Cataratas Vitória estão listadas como Patrimônio Mundial da UNESCO desde 1989

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The Victoria Falls has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1989

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Jadabiya falls and has something to do with everything that contributes to calm