Polar Bear


An adult male polar bear can weigh up to 800kg, it is therefore the largest living land predator in the world. Polar bears can swim under water and easily hold their breath for several minutes. They can become up to 30 years or older when living in the wild. The polar bear is an endangered species and experts believe that two third of the population will have vanished by 2050.




Arctic, Canada, Sibiria, Greenland


kris03 26.11.2021 07:06
Save all polar bears

Domoina 21.07.2021 14:51
belle créature

swathi3011 25.06.2021 09:31
its fur is so good.

spainishuge1 07.05.2021 16:10
a fund to save the bear is requaired

fnbarcel 04.05.2021 07:51
A natureza é perfeita!

zhiazhia 30.04.2021 00:22
So cute i want to see you in person

liviu_stoicescu 28.04.2021 20:48
save the [polar bear from extinction

Polash50 06.04.2021 10:05
Polar Bear is the Iceland area animal. We miss this animal in Asia.

memo888 06.04.2021 04:26
beautiful animal

GabrielSilva 04.04.2021 05:45
Beautiful animal