German Sheperd


The German shepherd is a relatively new breed that has originated at the end of the 19th century in Germany. He is regarded as nerve-solid, confident, willing to learn and has a strong sense of smell. In addition, he has proven exceptionally protecting skills, which is why he is also trained by the police and military.






Reawimerus 26.05.2020 16:43
I like this dog,so sweet

Thrashingron 21.03.2020 09:17
Adorable annimals.....I have one

morenadeby15 12.03.2020 13:15
o melhor amigo do homem,eu amo cachorro

larisa01273922 19.02.2020 13:43
очень умная порода собак

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 19.01.2020 05:42
It's like me...!????? I want to have one German shepherd....!

paulinka9415 26.11.2019 23:37
very beuatiful dog amazing !!!!

sergey172628 06.07.2019 15:54
красивая собака

Sotobek 23.06.2019 17:13
Every day is a wonderful day

Elendar 14.04.2019 09:21
Очень красивая порода собак.

elena_kabaeva 22.03.2019 14:07
какая грация класс