Elephants are the largest living land animals in the world and can become up to 80 years old. Each day, they can ingest up to 200 kilograms of grass and more than 150 liters of water. According to current estimates, there still exist about 600.000 to 700.000 elephants worldwide. However, the number is declining, as more than 100.000 elephants have been killed by poachers within the last few years.




Africa, Asia.


melmar21 21.04.2020 12:51
totally love elephants

salvatore_granata 04.04.2020 17:01
Large elephant. Who knows if he is docile, it may be that if I meet him he turns around.

Samurayh32 10.03.2020 19:24
Elephants are the most intelligent with sharp memories

Divyeshgajera 04.03.2020 11:54
nice animal and fin eanimal

silvija 17.02.2020 22:28
bolshhaja slonjara

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 19.01.2020 20:41
I like them, it's magnificent animal....!

ahmedcena227 24.12.2019 23:42
this is a great photot

ATatiana 22.12.2019 18:54

ATatiana 22.12.2019 18:52
Он просто прелесть!!!!

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Very nice!!!!!!!!