Bees are flying insects that are closely related to wasps and ants. As of today, 20,000 species are known and most of them lead a solitary life outside of a colony. The bee pollinates up to 90 percent of all crops and is therefore indispensable for the preservation of our ecosystem and the production of food. The reasons for the worldwide collapse of the bee population is mainly due to the increased use of pesticides.




Worldwide except South Pole


achrafelhajji 06.03.2022 13:23
good informations

KENNY8060 05.03.2022 12:45
if I was a bee I would have no worries in life.

MahmoudAyman70 19.02.2022 20:23
المصريين في كل حتا منورين

kentweasley 13.02.2022 22:26
Literally a HoneyGainer

AdrianaFS 03.02.2022 22:15
que linda e produz um mel delicioso

snhydjd123 30.01.2022 06:16
Natural honey is better

vladimir2303200 20.12.2021 01:39
Класс класс

vladimir2303200 18.12.2021 01:19
А вас жалила пчелка

drasiku 09.12.2021 10:25
i like bees for making honey which is a miracle medicine

Avals21 27.11.2021 21:31
la miel es tambien medicinal, usenlo ne tiempo de invierno