Which interest area suits my target group?

The interest areas: choose your target audience

The interest areas on eBesucher is one of the many features that allow us to deliver your content to the right audience. A potential visitor can choose up to two dozens interest areas, whereas the advertiser can choose to advertise an advertising campaign in a single or in multiple interest areas. Simply define your individual customer profile, we deliver the audience!

Example: Your website is about online advertising and your goal is to contact webmasters? Consider choosing one of the following interest areas:

  • Webmaster & Homepages
  • Shopping & E-Commerce
  • Jobs & Business

Below, you will find a list of all the interest areas on eBesucher. Go through it and see if we can meet your expectations! If we can, we would love to welcome you soon, as a new advertiser on eBesucher!

Areas of interest for your customer profile

Adult Content

Adult Content

This is an area of interest that eBesucher manages with discretion and prudence. Despite the delicate nature of the erotic market, our advertisers in this sector are serious and reliable businessmen. So if you want to advertise a site or channel with erotic content and reach your target audience do not miss the opportunity! See Adult Content

Animals and Pets

Animals & Pets

The market for animals and pets is massive. Do you have a pet shop or do you want to advertise your veterinary practice manager? Look no further, as this is the interest area of your choice. See Animals and Pets

Art and Culture

Art & Culture

Art and culture are two very extensive interest areas. Is your page dedicated to one or both of these topics? Are you running a homepage that is associated with art and culture? Do not hesitate to select this area of interest to promote your business and to find the appropriate audience. See Art and culture



The universe of auctions is the perfect market for those who seek to make a good offer for a product. It is also the perfect place for those who want to sell something. In any case, this area of interest is a good meeting point for all those curious or interested in announcing tax auctions, judicial auctions or live auctions. See Auctions

Cars and Motorcycles

Car & Motorcycle

Trying to find the target audience for the automobile world? Disruptive trends are currently transforming this market, as we are on the brink of the e-revolution. This area of interest is the best place to locate advertisements and offers about this exciting universe. See Car and Motorcycle

Computers and Accessories

Computers and accessories

Find your target audience here, if you're selling or buying in the vast world of computers and accessories. This area of interest is the best place online to stay informed and hit your target market. See Computers and Accessories

Earn money and MLM

Earn money & MLM

If you want to reach an audience that is interested in Multi-level Marketing and wants to earn money, then it is in this area of interest where you're going to find the right target group. In this section strategies and platforms are announced to make money quickly, easily and accessible to the audience. See Earn money and MLM

Family and Relationship

Family & Relationship

Family and interpersonal relationships are a very broad and interesting area that has become very diverse. Advertise here, if you are targeting new visitors who are interested in conservatice family structures or open minded models of living. See Family and Relationship

Flirt and Love

Flirt & Love

Love is in the air! Flirting? We all do it. And love is a character trait that is common to all of us. Here, you can find everything related to the subject of love, couples and other information related to the sentimental world. See Flirt and Love

Fun and Entertainment

Fun & Entertainment

This area of interest is for all those visitors who are interested in outdoor activities, in sports, and in products that improve our leisure time and that entertain. You are running a video platform with funny clips? Then advertising here is a must! See Fun and Entertainment

Games and Clans

Games & Clans

If you are running a passionate web project about video games and online entertainment, this is the interest area that will help you target the audience of your choice. Furthermore, you will also find infos about traditional real-world games and bonds of users who are forming alliances. See Games and Clans

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

In this area of interest you can announce everything related to the world of health and wellness, a matter so important to all of us today. If you want to find clients for your online site or for your wellness products store, do not hesitate to advertise here. See Health and Wellness

Home and Garden

Home & Garden

Spread the word and tell your target audience about topics related to the garden, houses or homes. Especially during the summer time, this area of interest goes well with our customers and there are many excited new visitors stumbling across these target sites. See Home and Garden

Jobs and Business

Jobs & Business

Are you looking for a job applicant or do you want to advertise a job agency? Is your online business ready to go through the roof but you need exciting advertising? Look no further - advertise in Jobs & Business! See Jobs and Business

Magazines and Books

Magazines & Books

Lets step back from the online world and dive into the old fashioned world of paper and pencil! Do you sell or buy books? Are you running a library? Are you looking for the right audience that is willing to buy, trade or read books or magazines? Its all in here! See Magazines and Books

Media and news

Media & News

In the online world, news are everywhere and the number of reliable media is countless. But it is an enormeous market that always provides advertising spaces for everyone. Spread your news to the people. Advertise your media agency or promote anything that is related to this marketing space. See Media and News



Everything that does not classify for the common interest area. Or, an additional field of advertising for those that wish to reach more visitors without determining a specific field of interest. Advertise here and place your advertising among many other offers from various backgrounds. See Other

Shopping and E-Commerce

Shopping & E-Commerce

Shopping & E-Commerce has a direct approach to the most important field in advertising: making a profit and earning money. Whether you are running a web shop, you are active in the field of e-commerce, or you have any other related online offer, you will find your target audience here. See Shopping and E-Commerce



Marketing in Sport is crucial and many of the most important brands are doing it quite successfully. It is a huge market that allows the benefit of many. Whether you are selling sport goods, writting about sport online, or you wish to recruit people who are enthusiastic about sport. This one is for you! See Sport

Telecommunications and mobile

Telecommunication & Mobile

All of us have a mobile by now and telecommunication is everything. Now look at how it was 20 years ago! Right! Enormeous changes have revolutionized the way we communicate today. And it does not stop here. New technologies are on the brink of mass adoption and advertising is crucial for these developments. See Telecommunication and Mobile

Things for free

Things for free

Anything that you can provide for free will find its way to this interest area. Things that do not cost anything are unlikely to pay off the marketing bill? Think again! It will easily attract many new visitors and you are likely to get your project running with less effort. Take a chance at investing into marketing and advertise in Things for free

Webmaster and Homepages

Webmaster & Homepages

As an online platform, eBesucher provides the perfect target group to anything that is related to webmaster & homepages. Our users know how to surf the web, it is no stranger to them. Webmaster & Homepages is among the most appreciated interest areas on eBesucher. See Webmaster and Homepages

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