Require minimal screen resolution

Require minimal screen resolution Premium membership

In order to ensure that the advertised website will be directly visible in the surfbar, the advertiser can require a minimal screen resolution.

If this feature has been activated, the advertised website will not be displayed to those users, who are using a device that has a screen resolution which inferior to the defined value.

The filter can be particularly helpful if the website that should be advertised is not optimized for certain screen resolutions. However, if the URL of the ad campaign has a responsive design, this filter may not be relevant.

Require minimal screen resolution

Which screen resolution should I choose?

We recommend that you do not set the filter for the minimum screen resolution too high, as this ultimately limits the reach of the advertising campaign. Thus, if you set the resolution too high, only a small elite of visitors will be able to visit it.

Note that even users who are using a device that has a low resolution may be relevant for the advertising campaign.

In particular smartphones often have a lower resolution and smartphone users are a very sought-after target group. The value of the filter should therefore be not more than 1280x1024 pixels.

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