Require minimal connection speed

Require minimal connection speed Premium membership

Since the Internet connection is often busy with different processes, the nominal HTTP transmission power does not match the available bandwidth of an Internet connection. eBesucher therefore measures the actual connection speed of a device at regular intervals through speed tests in the surfbar and click campaigns.

These tests allow the advertiser to exclude devices that have a slow connection speed. The advertiser can determine the value of the minimal connection speed and prevent visits of users that are using a device with a low-bandwidth. In general, this filter is mainly relevant for advertises that seek to play high-definition videos on their websites.

We recommend applying the filter for the minimum connection speed with care, as excluding visitors by their connection speed can seriously effect the range of the advertising campaign.

Require minimal connection speed

Reasons for an insufficient connection speed

The connection speed of a device may be insufficient if the device is used for labor-intensive processes such as file sharing, backups or data processing.

However, many of these processes are temporary and not permanent. Measuring the connection speed is therefore only an additional quality control, which can but must not be significant for your campaign settings.

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