Filter the operating system

Filter the operationg system

Filtering via the operating system allows to target the advertising campaign according to the operating system of a visitor. Therefore if you choose this option, users who are using the selected browser or browsers will be able to see the advertising campaign.

The options are Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, as well as the Other field, which refers to all other operating systems.

Filter the operating system

Advantages of the OS Filter

The large number of operating systems can be an advantage when advertising on the Internet. Especially if you are aware of your own target group.

For example, anyone who runs an electronics company specializing in film or audio technology can optimize their advertising goals, taking into account the operating systems most commonly used by the target group.

In the world of the media, Mac OS is a widely used operating system. This specific case however only applies to Germany and other industrialized countries. Other statistics indicate that the use of the Windows operating system is also common the media industry of Eastern European countries.

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