Filter the internet provider

Filter the internet provider

The advertiser can exclude impressions that derive from specific Internet Providers. Here he can choose from a database of several thousand providers. In addition, he can filter devices that are connected to the Internet via a virtual private network (VPN).

We recommend that all advertisers filter VPN connections and select the default option prohibit VPN connections.

Filter the internet provider

Advantages of Filtering Via The Internet Provider

VPN connections offer the user the ability to create a secure connection to the Internet. By dialing into the Internet with a VPN, the normal Internet connection is reduced to the function of an extension cable. The actual internet access can not be defined.

By filtering the internet provider and excluding virtual private networks, the advertiser can ensure that the advertised website is visited by users who are in the desired country (see Geo-targeting).

Most advertisers rely on an audience that is connected to the Internet through an end user provider, not a VPN connection. If you want to prevent your website visitors from using a virtual private network, enable the prohibit VPN connections filter.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN stands for virtual private network, in which the user's data is protected and anonymised on the Internet. With a VPN connection, your own data is encrypted before it reaches the Internet.

Unlike a normal Internet connection, the encrypted data is first sent to a server of the VPN provider. This provider assigns the user a new anonymous Internet address. Once this is done, a connection is made to the outside, to the Internet. As a rule, the following scheme applies:

  1. User sends data to VPN.
  2. Data is encrypted.
  3. Data is transmitted to VPN server.
  4. External IP address is assigned.
  5. Connection to the Internet is established.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Private Network


A VPN connection offers professed anonymity, as the data is coded and the user can not (or only indirectly) be identified by a foreign IP address. Since the user can connect via different VPN servers in other countries, the location of the user can not be so easily determined. This offers on the one hand additional anonymity, at the same time the user can simulate his country of origin by selecting a certain server location.


A VPN connection has usually a very limited connection speed. The effective bandwidth of the end user is limited, since the dispatched data must first be encrypted and sent over the VPN server.

VPN providers are often so anonymous that you should be careful as a user whom you entrust your (encrypted) data. Not every VPN provider is reputable and a careful research should be done prior to choosing a provider.

It should be noted that users of a VPN network can not use the services on eBesucher or only to a limited extent. Most advertisers do not want visitors that are connected through a VPN, due to the reasons mentioned above. Thus, only a few websites can be visited via the surfbar, the click campaigns can not be accessed when connected through a VPN.

Virtual private network

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