Filter the browser type

Filter the browser type

The impressions of the advertised website can be controlled according to the used browser. You can choose to only allow specific browser to access yyour campaign. You can choose between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera and Other (all other browsers).

Important: A too restrictive setting when filtering via the browser type can lead to only a few visitors being able to visit the advertising campaign. Larger browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome should not be excluded if possible.

Filter the browser type

Why should I exclude certain browsers?

Filtering the browser type may be of interest to webmasters whose website relies on newer technologies which are not yet supported by all browsers. Accordingly, certain web technologies may not work in smaller browsers such as Opera or Safari.

Webmasters that are working with affiliate partners should ensure that the advertising is displayed in all browsers. Web browsers that do not support individual ad campaigns can be excluded through the filter.

Excluding visitors that are using specific browsers allows to save important resources and valuable advertising credits, taking into account all relevant criteria.

For which web browser should I optimize my website?

Basically, a modern website should meet the needs of all major web browsers. It is recommended to stick to the web standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and to regularly optimize the website. Individual adjustments should be based on the market share of the respective browser: for browsers with a low market share, a time-consuming optimization can often not be justified.

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