Filter the browser language

Filter the browser language

Website visitors can be determined according to the used browser language. ThWebsite visitors can be determined according to the used browser language. The browser language defines the language in which a page is displayed. Most browsers offer the ability to specify multiple languages. Typical settings are:

eBesucher assumes in such a case that the first preferred browser language is a language familiar to the user or his main language. The secondary language means all other languages that are in the language list of the browser.

Filter the browser language

What are browser languages?

The language is determined by the user's setting in the internet browser. For example, an english speaking user can access the website from a foreign country in which another language is spoken and still use the english setting (eng-us). The composition results from the language code (eng for english) and the country code (us for the United States).

In most cases, the first language is the user's native language and the secondary language is a language known to the user. Typical browser settings are:

German (spoken in Austria) as first language, no second language:

  • de-at (German - Austria)

English as first language, German as second language:

  • en-us (English - United States) = US-American English
  • de-de (German - Germany) = German spoken in Germany

Why should I filter the browser language?

Filtering the browser language allows to effectively narrow down the target group. If you filter the browser language, your campaign will only be displayed to visitors whose language is set as the first or additional language in the browser configurations.

Here you could compare some statistics found in the web of the web in order to answer relevant questions like:

  • In which language / languages is my website written?
  • Which country and language codes do my visitors use?
  • Which country and language codes are relevant for website marketing?

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